Platinum Cured Silicone Tube

In today’s world, applications across various industries demand reliable and safe materials for fluid transfer. The choice of tubing becomes critical when it comes to sensitive applications like pharmaceuticals, food and medical devices. LUMAPLAT™, manufactured by Armol Polymers Pvt Ltd, offers a superior solution: a platinum cured silicone tube.

Why Choose Platinum-Cured Silicone?
LUMAPLAT™ goes beyond traditional silicone tubing by utilising a platinum curing process. This method offers several advantages over peroxide-cured silicone, making it ideal for demanding applications. Here’s what sets LUMAPLAT™ apart:

Unmatched Biocompatibility for Sensitive Applications: LUMAPLAT™ goes beyond standard silicone by complying with the stringent regulations of USP Class VI and ISO 10993-01 for biocompatibility. This ensures the tubing is exceptionally safe for contact with bodily fluids and tissues, making it the perfect choice for pharmaceutical and medical applications.

Food Grade Certified for Safe Consumption: LUMAPLAT™ adheres to the rigorous standards of FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 regulations, guaranteeing its safety for food and beverage applications. This certification ensures that your food and beverage products won’t be compromised by leaching chemicals from the tubing, maintaining the integrity and quality of your product.

Crystal Clear Visibility for Optimal Process Monitoring: One of the most significant advantages of platinum-cured silicone is its excellent transparency. Compared to peroxide-cured tubes, LUMAPLAT™ offers unparalleled clarity. This allows for superior visual monitoring of fluid flow during critical processes.

Tasteless and Odourless for Uncompromised Quality: LUMAPLAT™ is free from any taste or odour that could contaminate your product. This is especially crucial for applications involving food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. You can be confident that the taste and aroma of your product will remain pure and unaltered when using LUMAPLAT™ for fluid transfer.

Long-lasting Performance for Reduced Costs: LUMAPLAT™ boasts exceptional resistance to factors that can degrade tubing over time. This includes resistance to UV rays, ozone and extreme temperatures. It exhibits remarkable non-yellowing properties, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods.

Easy Maintenance and Sterilisation for a Clean Environment: LUMAPLAT™ is designed for effortless cleaning and sterilisation. It can be sterilised using various methods, such as steam, gamma radiation and Ethylene Oxide (ETO). This facilitates the maintenance of sterile environments in critical applications, particularly within the pharmaceutical and medical industries, where hygiene is paramount.

Superior Durability for Demanding Applications: LUMAPLAT™ is significantly more durable than conventional black rubber or PVC tubing. This translates to a longer lifespan and reduced replacement costs. LUMAPLAT™’s superior durability ensures reliable performance even in demanding applications.

Applications for LUMAPLAT
LUMAPLAT™’s versatility makes it a preferred choice across numerous industries:

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology: From manufacturing injectable drugs to transferring cell culture media, LUMAPLAT™ ensures safe and reliable fluid transfer.

Food and Beverage Production: The food-grade certification of LUMAPLAT™ makes it ideal for transferring food and beverage products without compromising taste or quality.

Sanitary Applications: LUMAPAT™’s smooth surface and non-stick properties minimise bacterial growth, making it perfect for sanitary applications.

Medical Devices: LUMAPLAT™ finds application in various medical devices, including peristaltic pumps, breathing machines and hemostatic equipment, due to its biocompatibility and flexibility.

Laboratory Applications: The clarity and chemical resistance of LUMAPLAT™ make it well-suited for laboratory use in chemistry experiments and research.